Dave Ramsey (ELP) Services Are Now Available

Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP)

Wathen, DeShong & Juncker, LLP is proud to announce our Partner Michael Kiefer, CPA has been personally vetted and chosen to be a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP). Congratulations Michael, on your selection. Dave Ramsey ELP’s are held to a high standard of excellence and recommended because of their track record for being known as one of the best in their industry.

As Dave’s ELP, Michael and his team are committed, just as Dave is, to providing a faith-driven and ethical approach for solving the tax, financial, and accounting challenges of today’s marketplace to everyone from the financially independent to the financially distressed.

No matter your situation, Michael will make sure your taxes are done properly to minimize your tax liability and get every deduction you deserve. You can trust his expertise in the industry and know he will answer any questions you have with the heart of a teacher.

Contact Michael today to take a step in the right direction toward achieving your financial goals.




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