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Reconcile Your Credit Card Statements

Properly accounting for and reconciling credit card statements are good accounting practices and part of a fraud prevention and detection program. QuickBooks can keep track of your credit card purchases.┬áTo setup and use credit cards in QuickBooks: Add the best … Continue reading

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QuickBooks 2008 and Payroll Tax Expiration

After May 31, 2011, QuickBooks (QB) will stop providing payroll tax table updates for any users on QuickBooks 2008. This means that tax withholding and match computations with go to zero on 06/01/11 if you don’t upgrade to QB 2011. … Continue reading

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IRS Agents Requesting QuickBooks Data File

During a recent examination…, the agent requested a copy of the QB file and told me they will be specifically reviewing the QB audit trail. He said they want to see if there were any significant changes to the transaction coding in the days leading up to the audit appointment. Continue reading

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