Excel Quick Tip: =sum() Short Cut

If you ever work in Excel, you might occasionally need to use the =sum() formula to sum a column or row of numbers-without your 10-Key 😉 If so, you’ll love adding this shortcut to your repertoire.

  1. Highlight a cell where you need an =sum() formula (that’s translated @sum() for you Lotus veterans)
  2. Press and hold [Alt] then press [+] to start the =sum() formula
  3. Excel will try to guess the range you are trying to sum. If it is right, then simply hit enter. Excel is a better “guesser” when the cell is directly adjacent to the cells to be summed.
  4. If Excel doesn’t get it right, then use your mouse to paint the correct range and hit [Enter] OR use your arrow keys to navigate to the beginning of the range and then press and hold down the [Shift] key to paint the range, then release shift and hit [Enter].

I use this shortcut all the time and once you get used to the idiosyncrasies of making it work for you quickly, it can be very efficient.

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